Education is not just about helping the children to succeed in school but to equip them for the broad spectrum of life.

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  Draw date of EWS forms will be on 16.01.2018

  Periodic Test - 3 (For class XI) : 18.12.2017 to 30.12.2017

  Pre-Boards for class XII and X ( 18.12.2017 to 30.12.2017)

  Periodic Test - 3 starts on 11.12.2017 (For Class I to IX)

  Periodic Test - 3 ends on 16.12.2017 (For class I to IX)

  XII, XI, and X have preparatory holiday for their Pre-Boards on 16.12.2017

News & Events

  Theme of Fete is "SAMANVAY" means co-ordination

  Fete 'n' Fair celebration on 14.11.2017